About the Climate Change Programme

The Programme

UNCTAD´s Climate Change Programme focuses on the trade and economic aspects of climate policies, biofuels and the Kyoto Protocol´s clean development mechanism (CDM). Through exchanges of information, analytical studies, expert meetings and workshops, the Branch:
  • leads initiatives to assess the trade and development implications of climate change policies,
  • helps promote investment and secure development gains in in developing countries under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol;
  • provides support for governments, corporations and non-governmental organizations in assessing biofuels potential in developing countries, and
  • supports compatibility between climate policy and trade rules
Since 2005 UNCTAD has given high priority to biofuels, particularly as a trade and investment opportunity for developing countries, highlighted in the Secretary-General´s Report to UNCTAD XII (section 96) as one of the key trade and development issues in the current global environment. It has been conducting a major work programme in 2006 and 2007.
With the Earth Council, in June 1997 UNCTAD established a Global Policy Forum on Carbon Markets for trading permits for greenhouse gas emissions.
Under the UNFCCC*/Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas emissions, UNCTAD supported efforts to engage the private sector in the clean development mechanism with a project in Brazil that ended successfully in 2003 and a project in Tanzania as part of a programme giving emphasis to LDCs.

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