UNCTAD´s Carbon Neutral Initiative: Things you can do
Some initial basic tips on how to save resources - and the planet as well by consequence:
  • Make sure that any window blinds are drawn up, to allow maximum use of natural daylight. Many are left down in the morning from the previous afternoon.
  • Turn off the lights when there is sufficient natural light in the office or meeting room.
  • Make it a rule to turn off the lights when you leave your office. Do the same for empty meeting and toilet rooms.
  • Check that power adaptors/transformers for equipment that is not in use are unplugged or switched off. Many people leave their mobile phone chargers connected all day long, even when they are no longer being charged.
  • Verify if PC scanners are in a "ready to scan" mode or if individual printers are turned on, even if not in use, as they continue to use power in these modes.
  • A PC screen will normally use as much energy when it is showing a screen saver as when it is being used. Check that your PC is set to enable power saving, so that the screen will be switched off by Windows Power Management if it has not been used for a long time.
These tips will be adapted as the strategy develops.

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