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04 June 2020Airlines must respect consumers' rights
08 April 2020COVID-19: Firmer action needed to better protect consumers
08 April 2020Defending competition in the markets during COVID-19
07 April 2020Consumers vs COVID-19
13 March 2020Consumer protection crucial for the digital economy to thrive
04 February 2020Restoring competition in ''winner-took-all'' digital platform markets
26 November 2019Keeping markets fair in digital era requires stronger cooperation
Big Tech
18 July 2019Competition law crosses the digital threshold
SDG 12
11 July 2019Smart consumers can set a new course for people and planet
11 July 2019Partnership to deliver online dispute resolution to consumers
Flag of Peru
15 May 2019Peru adopts merger control law after 20 years of debate
Consumers International
03 May 2019Summit puts consumers at the heart of digital innovation
15 March 2019Consumer protection remains a cornerstone of development
Consumer Protection
06 December 2018Sludge, nudge and other consumer trends
Flag of Morocco
26 November 2018Morocco updates public on consumer law progress
21 November 2018Cairo home to new competition-focused training centre
13 July 2018Botswana greets scrutiny of competition law and policy
12 July 2018Competition policy ensures markets work for people over profit
10 July 2018Morocco welcomes review of consumer protection regime
05 July 2018Audio-visual sports rights experts step up to the plate
03 July 2018Consumer rights can spur development, meeting hears
08 June 2018Unity needed to shield people and markets from digital giants
15 March 2018Consumer rights are a cornerstone of inclusive development
27 February 2018Consumer protection in the Middle East and North Africa supported by new Cairo training centre
Flag of Brazil
07 February 2018Brazil joins UNCTAD's COMPAL Programme
27 October 2017Collective effort needed to protect consumers in data fueled economy, UNCTAD SG says
Flag of Russia
10 July 2017Russia's perspective on International Competition law and policies by of Mr. Igor Artemiev, Head of Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation
07 July 2017UNCTAD announces the development of a digital tool that will help protect consumers in the digital age
04 July 2017UNCTAD Is Hosting the First Ever Peer Review on Consumer Protection and Morocco Will Be the First Recipient
16 June 2017UNCTAD receives One Million Euros to strengthen Competition Laws in Central African countries
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