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In 1947, as the world was recovering from the devastation of WWII, an International Conference on Trade and Employment was launched by the United Nations. Its aim was to complement the establishment of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, creating the institutions and agreements required to liberate trade from protectionism, create jobs and foster opportunities for development. In 194, Chapter V of the Havana Charter envisaged competition policy as one of the most relevant instruments to bring about the benefits of open trade.

For seventy years, the United Nations has been working together with Member States, particularly developing countries, to develop and strengthen competition policy and legislation. Accordingly, UNCTAD carries out its mandate through discussing and disseminating of best practices, conducting peer-reviews, and formulating Model laws and International guidelines, all which contribute to international cooperation and better frameworks in this field.

This exhibition celebrates these efforts, undertaken by the United Nations over seventy years, providing a glimpse of the work and challenges that lie ahead.




13 July 2018Botswana greets scrutiny of competition law and policy
12 July 2018Competition policy ensures markets work for people over profit
10 July 2018Morocco welcomes review of consumer protection regime
05 July 2018Audio-visual sports rights experts step up to the plate
03 July 2018Consumer rights can spur development, meeting hears
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