Activities under the UNCTAD Research Partnership Platform (RPP)

UNCTAD supports member countries through its three pillars: research and policy analysis; technical assistance for capacity building; and consensus building among member States.

The UNCTAD RPP aims to strengthen the impact of UNCTAD's work in the first two pillars, by deepening the substantive edge of its research and policy analysis, and enhancing the value-added of its technical assistance activities, especially in developing countries and economies in transition. UNCTAD hopes that the RPP will contribute to building an international platform for discussions and exchange of information and ideas on competition and consumer protection issues.

The cooperation between UNCTAD and its research partners under the RPP is expected to result in the following activities:

  • Joint publications (research papers, policy briefs and research-based analytic notes) on competition law and policy, consumer protection and related issues such as competitiveness.

  • Joint organization of conferences/seminars, gathering stakeholders from governments, academia, non-governmental and international organizations, which will aim to stimulate discussions, inter alia, on methods to enhance the formulation and effective implementation of competition and consumer protection laws and policies, and to promote inclusive and sustainable development through the medium of competition, while taking into consideration the interfaces between competition and other topics, such as trade, investment, technology, innovation and intellectual property rights.

  • Joint organization of training courses and workshops in developing countries where UNCTAD conducts capacity building projects. Joint design of training modules and pedagogical materials on specific topics related to competition and consumer protection.

  • Dissemination of research papers and publications produced by UNCTAD and its research partners.


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