Training Course on the Implementation of a Competition law and Policy
  • To provide participants with skills to implement competition law and policy, and carry out reforms, where necessary, in this field.

  • Executive officers and government officials from economic and trade administrations
  • Judges of jurisdictions possibly subject to litigation/disputes
  • Representatives from the private sector
  • Officers from administrations in charge of enforcement competition rules and consumer protection

  • Five days

The course covers:
  • Objectives and benefits of competition law
  • Description of restrictive business practices such as agreements and concerted action between firms to limit competition, abuse of market power and mergers and acquisitions likely to lessen competition
  • Evaluation of mergers and acquisitions: authorizations, notifications and exemptions
  • The relationship between competition policy and the protection of intellectual property rights
  • The impact of competition policy on the small business sector
  • The institutional framework for the administration and enforcement of competition law: the structure of competition authorities and the respective roles of the Government and the judicial system
  • Sanctions and remedies for anti-competitive practices
  • Regulation of public utility sectors and the role of competition policy

  • Brainstorming on current practices that need to be reformed or modified. Determination of the instruments and means required (budget, personnel) and listing of people and bodies to consult.

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