UNCTAD releases study for Mozambique on Creative Industries
6 June, 2011, Geneva
UNCTAD released the study "Strengthening the Creative Industries for development in Mozambique", a policy-oriented report issued as a main outcome of the multi-agency pilot project for strengthening the creative industries in five ACP countries through employment and trade expansion.
The study provides policy advice for enhancing the policy framework and the institutional and regulatory environment in the country with a view to nurturing creative capacities while promoting trade, investments, entrepreneurship, technology and social inclusion.
The study is available in English and Portuguese
High-level Policy Dialogue on creative Industries in Mozambique
29 June, 2010, Maputo
This event was part of UNCTAD's delivery for the implementation of the multi-agency pilot project The goal was to submit for discussion and validation the final draft of the policy-oriented country study prepared by UNCTAD on "Strengthening the creative industries in Mozambique" as one of its main contributions to the project activities during the 2008-2011 period.
The report addresses the objectives set out for phase I, to identify needs and priorities and recommend policies to foster employment, creative capacities, trade and the linkages between culture and development.
By October 2009, The Government of Mozambique and the main stakeholders in the creative industries sector approved and validated the ACP Plan of Action for the country as well as UNCTAD's study "Strengthening the creative industries in Mozambique".
The report will be published in English and Portuguese in December 2009.
Project Information
Phase I:
The first fact-finding mission by the three agencies was held from 30 August to 6 September 2008, to present the project.
Two stakeholder meetings gathered about 30 participants each with partners from cultural institutions, creative entrepreneurs, artists and creators.
The aim of the project is to assist the Government to put in place public policies to boost the economic and social potential of its creative industries, and optimize its impact to generate jobs and trade.
UNCTAD is undertaking a country study to identify key issues and bottlenecks with a view to offer policy advice and capacity-building activities.
Our main interlocutors are the Min. of Education and Culture, Min. of Industry and Trade, Min. of Youth and Sport, Min. of Science and Technology, Min of Labour and Min. of Tourism.

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