International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisation - IFRRO
IFRRO works to increase on an international basis the lawful use of text and image based copyright works and to eliminate unauthorised copying by promoting efficient Collective Management of rights through RROs to complement creators´ and publishers´ own activities.
African Publishers Network - APNET
Pan-african organization established in 1992 - which brings together natinonal publishers associations and publishing communities to strengthen indigenous publishing throughout Africa
African Centre for Reading and Development
Society of Publishers in Asia - SOPA
SOPA provides the platform for Asian and international publishers to network and collaborate on areas of common industry concern. It represents the interests of both local and international media brands in Asia. SOPA facilitates training and events and is active in lobbying on government reforms affecting the media and information industries throughout Asia.
The ASEAN Book Publishers Association (ABPA) (Asia-Pacific Publishers association)
Latin America
El Centro Regional para el Fomento del Libro en América Latina y el Caribe - CERLALC
Arab Region
The Middle East Publisher´s Association -MEPA
To provide a firm platform for publishing industry. To bring publishers together to discuss the main issues facing the industry. To define the practical policies that will take the industry forward.

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