Phase I:
UNCTAD, ILO and UNESCO are working towards the objectives set by the Dakar Declaration and Plan of Action for the promotion of ACP culture and cultural industries (2003) and the Santo Domingo Resolution (2006) adopted by the ACP ministers of culture.
The mission to launch the project in Senegal was held from 1-7 November 2008.
Consultations were held with government authorities and a one-day meeting with core stakeholders to exchange views with potential partners about the project objectives and expected outcome. Discussions centred on how to unlock bottlenecks and to develop new transversal policy involving several segments of the Government and the creative sector to facilitate internal processes and to support institutions.
Two immediate tasks emerged:
  1. the establishment of a "creative industries task force" to continue the dialogue initiated during the mission; and
  2. for UNESCO, to prepare a brief country profile on the creative industries on the basis of recent studies.
UNCTAD will offer policy advice to reinforce the linkages between trade, investment and technology, with a view to stimulate the inclusion of the youth in this promising sector. Music, visual arts, books and art crafts are key areas of interest.
By October, 2009, the government of Senegal and main stakeholders from the creative industries sector, validated and approved the ACP Plan of Action for Senegal.

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