Creative Economy Technical Cooperation

The UNCTAD secretariat provides demand-driven policy advice and technical assistance to its member countries on issues related to the development dimension of the creative economy.
The secretariat has been proactive in supporting government initiatives to put in place multidisciplinary public policies and institutional mechanisms for enhancing the creative economy.

Research and Policy Analysis
The work of UNCTAD’s Creative Economy Programme starts with research and policy analysis which aims to:
  • Facilitate understanding of the key issues underlying the emerging creative economy and its development dimension;
  • Review concepts, methodologies and technologies being used to assess the creative economy worldwide;
  • Examine market trends and flows of creative goods/services to improve value-added exports of developing countries;
  • Identify target investment, business opportunities and competitive advantages to strengthen creative industries;
  • Propose meaningful tools for fostering development gains towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Assist developing countries to identify and promote those creative industries most suitable to boost their socio-economic development.

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