UNCTAD releases study for Zambia on Creative Industries
6 June, 2011, Geneva
UNCTAD released the study "Strengthening the Creative Industries for development in Zambia", a policy-oriented report issued as a main outcome of the multi-agency pilot project for strengthening the creative industries in five ACP countries through employment and trade expansion. The project is a component of the ACP-EU Support Programme to Cultural Industries, jointly implemented by ILO, UNCTAD and UNESCO during 2008-2011.
The report prepared by the Creative Economy Programme in cooperation with the government provides an assessment and a country policy review of the current status and the potential of the creative industries in Zambia. It identifies needs, priorities and obstacles while proposing a series of concrete actions to assist the government to shape a feasible and sustainable strategy as a basis to foster the creative economy for employment, trade and development gains.
For further information see the news release.
High-level Policy Dialogue on Creative Industries in Zambia
2-4 July, 2009, Lusaka, Zambia
This event was an initiative of UNCTAD as one of its main outputs for the multi-agency project.
The aim was to present the final draft of the UNCTAD study "Strengthening the creative industries in Zambia" which will guide the project's activities during 2008-2011.
On behalf of the Zambian Government, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Community Development signed a document endorsing the study and approving the plan of action.
This ceremony was followed by official signing and validation statements by high officials from seven ministries, who consituted the inter-ministerial group.
The Publication "Strengthening the creative industries in Zambia" will be printed in Geneva in December 2009.
Project Information
Phase I:
This was the first beneficiary country visited, from 28 July to 3 August 2008.
The objective of the mission by UNCTAD, ILO and UNESCO was to hold consultations with relevant stakeholders and launch the project.
During the first phase, UNCTAD carried out a situational analysis of the creative economy in Zambia, identifying needs and priorities and making policy recommendations for strengthening creative capacities, institutional mechanisms and the competitiveness of creative goods and services in world markets.
Under Phase II, technical assistance and capacity-building will be provided based on the recommended actions to ensure project sustainability in the long term.
The launching ceremony was opened by the Deputy Minister of Community Development and Social Affairs, with participation of the Director of Cultural Affairs and the Director of the National Arts Council.
Meetings and discussions were held with stakeholders in Lusaka and Livingstone to identify opportunities for the creative sector and its linkages with tourism, technology and education.
A test workshop on ILO's Business Skills for Artists trained 15 trainers.
The Government of Zambia is committed to support the project for an effective implementation.

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