Beneficiaries of the GSP schemes



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UN Symbol: UNCTAD/ITCD/TSB/Misc.62/Rev.7

Date of publication: 1 July 2018

GSP List of Beneficiary Countries


The document contains a list of beneficiaries for each of the GSP schemes currently in operation according to notifications received from UNCTAD member States.

This handbook is part of a series of publications aimed at helping exporters, producers and government officials to utilize the trade opportunities available under the various GSP schemes.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the list, the UNCTAD secretariat would appreciate being notified of any errors.

It is intended to update the list periodically to reflect any modifications that may be made by preference-giving countries.

The terminology used in the list for the designation of the countries and territories benefiting from the GSP schemes is that of the respective preference-giving countries.




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