GSP Certificate of Origin, Form A
The claim for GSP treatment must be supported with the appropriate documentary evidence. The GSP Certificate of Origin Form A is used for this purpose.
The Form A was adopted in 1970 by the UNCTAD´s Working Group on Rules of Origin as a common certificate of origin for the purposes of the GSP (TD/B/AC.5/38).
Most recently, changes to the Form A were made:
  • In September 2013 to take into account the accession of Croatia to the European Union as well as the introduction by Iceland of unilateral duty-free and quota-free market access for imports of certain products originating in least developed countries (Notes 2013)(TD/B/GSP/FORM/4)
  • In July 2007 to take into account the European Union´s enlargement and to include the Principality of Liechtenstein, leading to a revision of the note on the Back of the form (Notes 2007) (TD/B/GSP/FORM/3)
  • In July 2005 to take into account the new GSP scheme of Turkey, leading to a revision of the note on the back of the form (Notes 2005) (TD/B/GSP/FORM/2/Rev.1)
  • In April 2004 to take into account the European Union´s enlargement, leading to a revision of the note on the back of the form (Notes 2004) (TD/B/GSP/FORM/1)
The Trade and Development Board, at its forty-first session of the Trade and Development Board, held from 18 to 20 April 2007, agreed that the old Form A with notes dated 1996, 2004 and 2005 will remain valid until existing stocks are exhausted.
Certifying Authorities
The beneficiary countries should inform the preference-giving countries, either directly or through the UNCTAD secretariat, the names and addresses of the governmental authorities issuing the GSP Certificate of Origin Form A together with specimens of stamps used by these authorities.
However, it is not required to notify the specimen of signatures or the names of persons authorized to issue Form A.

 Sample of Form A

  • FORM A - Generalized System of Preferences - Certificate of Origin
    (Combined declaration and certificate)

  • FORMULE A - Système généralisé de préférences certificat d'origine
    (Déclaration et certificat)


 Format of Form A

  • The certificate should be made in English or French.
  • The use of English or French for the notes on the reverse of the certificate is not obligatory.
  • Each certificate should measure 210 x 297 mm.
  • The paper used should be white writing paper, sized, not containing mechanical pulp and weighing not less than 25 grams per square meter.
  • It should have a printed green guilloche-pattern background making any falsification by mechanical or chemical means apparent to the eye.



 Notifications on changes on Form A



 Certifying Authorities for Form A


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