Enhancing Capacities of the Republic of Angola to Mainstream Gender in Trade Policy

Start Date         2011

End Date            2013

Beneficiary        The Republic of Angola

Donor                 The Kingdom of Norway

The project seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Republic of Angola to mainstream gender in trade policy and make trade policy more responsive to the specific needs of women.

Specifically, it promotes the capacity of policy-makers and trade negotiators to include gender considerations when formulating trade policy and negotiating trade agreements in order to make trade instrumental to the achievement of gender equality and women's empowerment. To achieve its objectives, the project will deliver a combination of advisory services, trainings, and sharing of information, ideas, best practices and analytical tools.

The project will be integrated in the TrainForTrade/UNCTAD Project for Angola, and will contribute to make it more complete and relevant for the country. While the activities foreseen in the project will be implemented in Angola, the analytical findings and lessons learned will be of relevance for the LDCs in general.

The training module that will be developed on mainstreaming gender in trade policy, based on the findings of the analytical work and using UNCTAD/TrainForTrade pedagogical methodology, will serve as the basis for developing a more general training module for developing countries at large and for the UN country teams.

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