Synergies of UNCTAD's Work on Trade and Employment

Each of the focus areas of our work on trade and employment builds on synergies with broader UNCTAD work.

Trade, global value chains and employment:

The employment generation and improvement dimensions of trade are a cross-cutting concern of UNCTAD's broad work on trade policy.

Trade Policy Framework Reviews include the analysis of how trade and trade policy can contribute to sustainable development and employment in particular. Trade policy meetings often contribute to discussions on trade employment, including by the organization of dedicate panels.

Employment and the trading system:

UNCTAD is represented in the meetings of the WTO bodies, and follows-up on their proposals and deliberations.

The linkages between trade and employment are also supported by UNCTAD's broad work on trade negotiations and also in the Doha Development Agenda and on preferential treatment. This area also benefits from work on regional integration processes, including contributing to discussions and negotiations on the African CFTA.

Some outputs include the global study on "The impact of trade and trade agreements on employment in developing countries" and country case-studies on Ecuador, Senegal and South-Africa.

Services economy and trade and employment:

The UNCTAD's Multi-year Expert Meeting on Trade, Services and Development includes recurrent contributions to the debate on services, trade and employment, and on how services and regulatory frameworks are required to harvest the potential of trade to generate and improve employment.

UNCTAD's Services Policy Reviews (SPRs) also support the analysis on how the services economy and trade can contribute to employment, by providing a thorough and customized analysis of several services activities in a country. The focus on SPRs on infrastructure services as enablers of trade and competitiveness in all economic sectors is especially important for expanded effects on employment.

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