NTMs Week 2019

NTMs Week 2019 
Regulatory and non-regulatory measures have become more salient in international trade. Increasingly used for trade and non-trade objectives, they impact all areas of our lives: social, environmental and economic.
The NTMs Week 2019 provides a platform for policymakers, traders and researchers to discuss cutting-edge issues surrounding the impact of non-tariff measures on international trade and sustainable development.
Sessions will discuss the role and impact of:
  • Policy initiatives around national and regional regulatory coherence and cooperation
  • Trade wars beyond tariffs
  • International standard-setting bodies
  • Interlinkage of NTMs and the Sustainable Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific
  • Reporting and eliminating 'ugly' NTMs
  • Transparency in trade regulations
  • African Continental Free Trade Area
  • Classification of NTMs and MAST group
Contact:  ntm@unctad.org


07 April 2020Call for proposals: Social media campaign on tool boosting intra-African trade
Flag UK
25 February 2020Post-Brexit UK exports could fall by $32 billion due to non-tariff measures and tariffs
17 January 2020Online tool to remove trade barriers in Africa goes live
Global Goals
14 October 2019Trade costs of non-tariff measures now more than double that of tariffs
Global Goals
10 October 2019Trade barriers: picking the good from the bad and the ugly
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10 October 2019Non-tariff measures course empowers trainees from 32 countries
13 September 2019Southeast Asia ministers laud UNCTAD's database on non-tariff measures
11 July 2019UNCTAD launches an Online Course on Non-Tariff Measures and Data Collection
21 March 2019Project tackles non-tariff barriers in Africa
23 November 2018Geneva trade trio promise better trade data for small businesses

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Integrated Trade Intelligence Portal (I-TIP)

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United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards

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