Bolivia Country Programme

The BioTrade Programme of Bolivia (Programa Nacional de Biocomercio Sostenible - PNBS) was launched in 2003 with the objective of stimulating the production and trade of biodiversity products and services following ecological, social and financial sustainability criteria.

Thought this, it aims to strengthen local economies related to biodiversity and to create linkages with national and international markets. Currently, the Programme is being incorporated into the activities of the Bolivian Vice-Ministry of Biodiversity and Natural Resources. Morever, Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza (FAN), that managed the Programme from mid-2005 until 2008, continues supporting BioTrade value chains through their BioTrade Department.

The National BioTrade Programme in Bolivia and its practitioners have played an active role in the regional activities developed under the Andean BioTrade Programme, the Amazon BioTrade Programme and both phases of the BioTrade Facilitation Programme (BTFP).

To date BioTrade sectors being supported in Bolivia include:

  • Fauna: caiman yacare, tegu lizard, peccary and capybara
  • Food and nutraceuticals: native cocoa (Theobroma cacao), maca (Lepidium meyenii), native honey, palqui (Acacia feddeana), among others
  • Cosmetics: majo, cupuazu, cusi, isotonbo, copaibo; and
  • Rustic constructions (bamboo and jatata).

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