BioTrade Congress I

poster1-congress1.jpgBiodiversity - The Life of the Green Economy

18 June 2012. 08.30-19.00. Rio de Janeiro

BioTrade is one of the promising green economic sectors where developing countries have demonstrated a leadership role. BioTrade is the type of trade that supports biodiversity objectives while providing a source of income for local development.

Sixteen years after UNCTAD launched the BioTrade Initiative with the aim of promoting trade and investment in biodiversity as a means of furthering sustainable development, a number of countries, regions and national and international stakeholders have made remarkable progress in embracing BioTrade concepts and principles as integral parts of their strategies. Furthermore, BioTrade is being recognized as a tool to address poverty alleviation and to support sustainable livelihoods in developing countries.

Recognising that BioTrade is one of the pillars for achieving biodiversity conservation, sustainable use as well as post-conflict reintegration efforts, the First Global BioTrade Congress was conceived as a platform where BioTrade and biodiversity stakeholders could share their experiences and lessons learned, and establish further cooperation in implementing sustainable practices on the path to "greening" biodiversity-based sectors.






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04 June 2020BioTrade company in Myanmar shows resilience to COVID-19 shock
21 January 2020Promoting biodiversity-friendly trade in the Mekong region
03 October 20195 ways you can use your buying power to protect our biodiversity
Goal 15
24 July 2019Small producers need help to enter lucrative "green" markets
22 May 2019UNCTAD and Union for Ethical BioTrade team up to save biodiversity
Tippy Tea
19 February 2019Fair trade tea venture brings flavours of Ecuador to the world
21 December 2018Successful trade-in-biodiversity cases shown at CITES meeting
16 November 2018Experts say trade in biodiversity offers win-win scenario
19 October 2018Sustainable production and consumption safeguard biodiversity
Flag of Peru
27 September 2018Peru's BioTrade sales reach new high but challenges to growth remain
22 August 2018BioTrade holds first webinar for Latin American partners
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27 July 2018Adding economic value to biodiversity will help save it
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26 July 2018Green exports can meet both economic and environmental needs
29 June 2018Partners commit to implement BioTrade and Access and Benefit Sharing programme in Mekong Region
17 October 2017BioTrade businesses become drivers of legal access and benefit sharing in biodiversity-rich countries
Flag of Vietnam
08 September 2017Viet Nam strengthens its partnership with UNCTAD on sustainable use of biodiversity, access and benefit sharing and BioTrade
SDG 14
12 June 2017New Blue BioTrade initiative announced at the UN Ocean Conference
03 December 2016BioTrade is growing exponentially, generating jobs and protecting biodiversity
30 September 2016Illegal trade accelerates wild plant extinctions, more transparency needed
28 September 2016Andean stakeholders discuss options for policy and regulatory reform for a BioTrade friendly implementation of the Nagoya Protocol
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