BioTrade Congresses

During the Days of Dialogue on sustainable development of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20 Conference), the First BioTrade Congress “Biodiversity: the life of the green economy” was organized. This first Congress focused on BioTrade as one emerging green economic sector, and included representatives from all BioTrade partners at the national, regional and international levels, as well as private actors from developed and developing countries. The event provided concrete examples and inputs to policy makers on how governments, private sector and civil society are using biodiversity as an engine to support their development. Best practices and case studies were discussed considering the: (a) Need to foster an enabling policy framework to support BioTrade and its biodiversity-based businesses and value chains; (b) Importance of actions promoting information exchange and awareness raising; (c) Enhancement of value chains; and (d) Market creation and development.

The BioTrade congresses are global events that provide an environment and a platform for BioTrade partners and practitioners and biodiversity stakeholders to collaborate and share their experience in implementing sustainable practices in the path to achieve sustainable development. The congresses provide an opportunity to discuss practical examples that are implemented across a variety of sectors and regions, as well as emerging issues with the aim to guide private actors, governments and civil society in their efforts to achieve an inclusive and sustainable development. Collaborative efforts to achieve this goal are essential.

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