BioFuels Initiative

Biofuels: an Opportunity for Developping Countries
The production and usage of biofuels - clean-burning, carbon-neutral fuels derived from sustainable agricultural and forestry practices – can provide an opportunity for developing countries not only to use their native resources but also to attract the necessary foreign and domestic investment which are necessary to achieve sustainable development goals. In countries and regions where conditions are conducive, the production and usage of biofuels would provide greater energy security, improved quality of life, economic development, job creation and poverty alleviation, especially in rural areas.

Activities of the BioFuels Initiative
The BioFuels Initiative works closely with other international organizations, NGOs and academia, with the purpose of advancing discussions on current issues faced by countries interested in exploring the biofuels option.
The initiative also works with the private sector, debating themes of relevance to biofuels trade, domestic use and policy design which directly or indirectly concern developing and least developed countries. More specifically, the initiative helps assess the potential that specific developing countries enjoy to engage in the growing worldwide production, use and trade of biofuels. It looks at the possible opportunities and impacts on domestic energy policies, food security, environmental management, employment creation and rural development.

As part of UNCTAD’s activities on the Green Ecoonomy, the BioFuels Initiative also deals with trade flows, tariff regimes, market access and market entry issues affecting international trade in biofuels.

Similarly to the goals of the Clean Development Mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol and the Nairobi Framework, the initiative seeks to help developing countries to find cost-effective options to reduce the environment impact of their development. Activities do so by providing policy guidance, ideas and examples on how to overcome barriers when engaging biofuels markets. An International Advisory Expert Group provides guidance on technical issues related to biofuels' production and international trade.

More information on the Historz and Mandate of the BioFuels Initiative 


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