Environmental Goods and Services (EGS)

Following the expert meeting, "Definitions and Dimensions of Environmental Goods and Services", organized by UNCTAD in July 2003, as well as a series of technical assistance activities that had contributed to the meeting, UNCTAD was been invited, on an ad hoc basis, to provide substantive support to the negotiations conducted in the WTO Committee on Trade and Environment (Special Sessions) under the mandate provided for in paragraph 31(iii) of the Doha Ministerial Declaration.

Since then, UNCTAD has sought to promote a constructive engagement of the developing WTO Members in the negotiations and to build their capacity to deal with this new and admittedly creative negotiating mandate. The fact that the first issue of the Trade and Environment Review was devoted entirely to environmental goods and services underscores the importance UNCTAD and its membership attaches to the negotiations.

While most of these activities are directly relevant to the WTO negotiations, they often address issues that go beyond the WTO scope, but are important if the liberalization of trade in environmental goods and services were to be commercially and financially meaningful.



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