East African Community
The East African Community Secretariat, in collaboration with UNCTAD, is championing the cause of security of our cyber environment. The enthusiasm and resultant activities, including the establishment of the East African Community Task Force on Cyberlaws and various consultative sessions, are serving as very strong anchors for the development of a harmonized legal framework for cyberlaws in the region. (…) This will certainly act as a catalyst to not only do business across the region but ensure the security of our governments as we seek to transform the lives of our people.
Samuel I. Poghisio, Minister for Information and Communications, Kenya, speaking during a cyberlaw briefing session held for the Departmental Committee on Energy, Information and Communication of the Kenyan Parliament.

As part of its regional integration process, the East African Community ("EAC"), with the assistance of UNCTAD, established a Task Force on Cyberlaws in 2007. UNCTAD provided legal advice and training to help build awareness on policy and legal issues pertaining to e-commerce.

The Task Force prepared and endorsed two cyberlaw frameworks, now the most advanced on the African continent.

  • Framework I covers electronic transactions, electronic signatures and authentication, cybercrime, data protection and privacy.
  • Framework II focuses on intellectual property rights, competition, e-taxation, and information security.

UNCTAD has published two studies on e-commerce developments in the EAC.

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