Services Offered

The UNCTAD Division on Technology and Logistics offers the following services:

Delivery of capacity-building training workshops

  • To enhance knowledge of e-commerce legal issues
  • To prepare lawmakers and government officials for the drafting of legal frameworks
  • To discuss e-commerce legislation harmonization within a region
  • Training courses on the Legal Aspects of E-Commerce are available in English, Spanish and French. They are delivered through:

  • Distance learning using the UNCTAD Train for Trade platform. A demo of the course is available here.
  • On site workshops to deepen understanding of complex legal issues

Assistance with preparing and enacting legal frameworks includes

  • Conducting inventories and reviews of legislation that affect the use of ICTs
  • Drafting legislation harmonized with regional and international legal frameworks
  • Validation round tables of national stakeholders for the public and private sectors to discuss and finalize draft legal frameworks
  • Briefing Parliamentarians to facilitate law enactment

Comparative regional reviews of e-commerce legislation harmonization aim to:

  • Assess the status of cyber-laws in a particular region by surveying the law reform process
  • Provide recommendations for further harmonization of legislation, where required
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