News on Ecommerce and the Digital Economy

06 July 2020Commonwealth and ILO join global partnership for inclusive e-commerce
20 May 2020Kiribati sets sights on overcoming hurdles to e-commerce
07 May 2020Tanzania, Malawi prepare to reap benefits of digital economy
30 April 2020COVID-19: Senegalese e-payment company shows resilience in a time of crisis
eTrade for all
30 April 2020Benin, Mali and Niger eager to tap e-commerce opportunities
29 April 2020Data and privacy unprotected in one third of countries, despite progress
27 April 2020Global e-commerce hits $25.6 trillion - latest UNCTAD estimates
23 April 2020UNCTAD to lead United Nations Group on the Information Society
22 April 2020Online eWeek to explore post-coronavirus digital economy solutions
06 April 2020Coronavirus reveals need to bridge the digital divide
27 February 2020Côte d’Ivoire seeks to expand e-commerce
27 February 2020La Côte d'Ivoire cherche à améliorer son écosystème du commerce électronique
eTrade for Women
25 February 2020Women digital entrepreneurs in francophone Africa make their mark
25 February 2020En Afrique francophone, les femmes entrepreneurs du numérique s'affirment
Flag of Tuvalu
13 December 2019Tuvalu lays e-commerce groundwork to spur development
09 December 2019Myanmar to receive support from UNCTAD to develop its e-commerce strategy
03 December 2019Europe continues to dominate global e-commerce ranking
Flag of Germany
29 November 2019Germany gives €1.6m for UNCTAD's work on the digital economy
Digital Economy Report 2019
04 September 2019Global efforts needed to spread digital economy benefits, UN report says
Flag of Bandladesh
25 July 2019Bangladesh creates fertile ground for e-commerce growth
25 June 2019Lesotho ready to channel its growth to go digital
The Internet
11 June 2019Survey says people don't trust the Internet, what needs to change?
Digital Economy
20 March 2019Can developing nations compete in a digital world?
11 March 2019Trade in electronic components drives growth in technology goods
28 January 2019Map sheds light on state of data protection around the globe
International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation
13 December 2018Post-conflict Iraq to build e-commerce future with UNCTAD help
Africa e-week
11 December 2018Continental free trade area to boost e-commerce in Africa
Africa e-week
11 December 2018Tear down barriers and African e-commerce will thrive, say CEOs
11 December 2018President of Kenya opens UNCTAD e-commerce event in Nairobi
Africa e-week
10 December 2018Digital Africa must make its mark, Nairobi e-commerce event hears

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