About the eTrade for all initiative

"eTrade for all" is a multi-stakeholder initiative to improve the ability of developing countries and countries with economies in transition to use and benefit from e-commerce. It will be a demand-driven mechanism in which leading development partners cooperate with the private sector to pool capabilities and resources.


Goals of the initiative:

  • Raise awareness of opportunities, challenges and solutions related to leveraging e-commerce.

  • Mobilize and rationalize financial and human resources to implement e-commerce projects in developing countries.

  • Strengthen coherence and synergies among partners' activities with a view to avoiding duplication of work and enhancing aid efficiency.

The main tool of the Intitiative is the eTrade for all Online Platform, which will help developing countries and donors navigate the supply of and demand for support to e-commerce development, learn about trends and best practices, and to raise visibility for the various partners' initiatives and resources.

To ensure effective public-private dialogue, eTrade for all works in close partnership with a Business for eTrade Development Council, established and managed independently by the private sector. Regular meetings of the Council will be convened and ideas emanating from these meetings will serve as inputs into discussions and meetings of eTrade for all. For countries and partners engaged in eTrade for all, interaction with the Council will serve as a mechanism to engage the private sector when discussing observed problems related to e-commerce and possible solutions.



February 2016: UNCTAD-Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung workshop on eTrade for all
March 2016: Consultation process initiated on a Call for Action
April 2016: Face-to-face public consultations on the initiative during the UNCTAD E-Commerce Week
July 2016: Official launch of eTrade for all at the Fourteenth UNCTAD Ministerial Conference in Nairobi to boost global cooperation to unlock the potential of e-commerce for developing countries
April 2017: Launch of the eTrade for all online platform at the UNCTAD E-Commerce Week



Featured Publication
Information Economy Report 2015:
Unlocking the Potential of E-commerce for Developing Countries
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