Sustainable Freight Transport and Finance - Toolkit

UNCTAD objective is supporting developing countries in mainstreaming sustainability considerations into freight transport-related policies, plans, operations, and investment decisions.

To achieve this UNCTAD, as part of a UNDA-funded project, has developed the SFTF toolkit, encompassing training materials, information, and a methodology to assess gaps and strengthen the capacity to design, develop, and implement SFTF strategies.


UNCTAD Sustainable Freight Transport Portal
Sustainable Freight Transport Portal contains information about countries and regions that have launched SFTF initiatives.
These are classified by mode of transport, and include ports, multi-modal transport and financing.
Sustainable Freight Transport and Finance Training Toolkit
  • A module on Improving the Environmental Performance of Freight Transport
  • A module on Public Private Partnership (PPP) for SFTF
  • A case study on developing Sustainable Sea Transport Solutions for Pacific Island Countries
UNCTAD Framework for Sustainable Freight Transport
Framework for Sustainable Freight Transport is step-by-step methodology to plan, design, develop and implement tailored sustainable freight transport strategies. It includes:
  • A self-assessment process to identify priorities and actions
  • Key performance indicators
  • Sustainable Freight Transport Measures catalogue

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