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02 December 2019$48 billion is the estimated revenue loss by Palestine from 2000-2017 due to occupation
20 September 2019UNCTAD, Saudi Arabia extend cooperation to support Palestinian people
10 September 2019Palestinian socioeconomic crisis now at breaking point
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28 August 2019The unrealized potential of Palestinian oil and gas reserves
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11 September 2018Economic reality in Occupied Palestinian Territory is bleaker than ever
24 May 2018State of Palestine expresses intent to join UNCTAD
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03 April 2018Palestinian people denied human right to development, UNCTAD study says.
TDB 64th session
19 September 2017Occupied Palestinian Territory: a vicious cycle of economic collapse
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12 September 2017Fifty years of occupation have driven the Palestinian economy into de-development and poverty
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04 May 2017The occupied Palestinian territory: A case of an imposed resource gap
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22 November 2016The enormous cost of occupation prevents the Palestinian people from achieving the sustainable development goals
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06 September 2016The staggering economic cost of occupation: The Palestinian economy would be at least twice as large without Israeli occupation, UNCTAD report says
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13 June 2016The State of Qatar and UNCTAD sign a grant agreement to support the capacity of UNCTAD programme on the Assistance to Palestinian people
24 November 2015The Besieged Palestinian Agricultural Sector
Flaf of the OPT
01 September 2015Occupied Palestinian Territory slides into recession, Gaza becoming uninhabitable
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17 August 2015Economic and trade conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory would improve if Israel fulfils its obligations under a new WTO agreement on trade facilitation
03 December 2014Occupied Palestinian territory loses at least $306 million per year in public revenue leakage to Israel, new study finds
10 October 2014Palestinian Authority staff trained by UNCTAD on United Nations system in Geneva
03 September 2014Occupation of Palestinian territory jeopardizes economic viability of two-state solution, UNCTAD report says
08 October 2013Palestinian Authority staff receive training on United Nations system in Geneva
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03 September 2013Occupied Palestinian territory loses estimated US$300 million/year in public revenue 'leakage' to Israel, UNCTAD report says
Palestinian economy in East Jerusalem
08 May 2013Palestinian economy in east Jerusalem left in ''development limbo'' under Israeli occupation, says UNCTAD Report
12 April 2013UNCTAD participates in Arab Development Forum
United Nations
08 March 2013UNCTAD contributes to United Nations Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
29 November 2012UNCTAD delivers training to Palestinian professionals, in cooperation with Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
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10 October 2012UNCTAD trains Palestinian Authority staff on UN system in Geneva
05 October 2012UNCTAD strengthens cooperation with Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)
25 September 2012Delegations at UNCTAD Board meeting concerned by Palestinian economy downside risks
05 September 2012Conditions worsening for Palestinian people, UNCTAD report warns
08 August 2012Technical cooperation projects for Palestine proceeding well, to be strengthened

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