Palestinian investment retention programme (implemented)
Implemented over the period 2004-2008 in close cooperation with the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA), this project sought to support Palestinian economic recovery, with a strategic framework for guiding efforts to retain and develop existing national and foreign enterprises operating in the occupied Palestinian territory.
With funds from Norway, the project entailed the preparation of a survey-based aftercare strategy for existing investors in the occupied Palestinian territory. The strategy focuses on improving the enterprises´ competitiveness, within a cohesive policy framework that creates synergy between public services and interventions targeting the private sector. The strategy addresses the enterprises´ immediate needs as well as strategic development objectives.
Moreover, a user-friendly investment database was prepared for the use of PIPA staff based on the results of the needs assessment survey, conducted in September 2004. PIPA staff also received training on the use and updating of the database.
The strategy was presented at a workshop in the West Bank city of Ramallah on 29 October 2008, under the patronage of the Palestinian Authority Minister of National Economy, with the participation of 65 representatives from the private sector, Palestinian Authority agencies and leading enterprise support institutions. The proposed strategy received positive feedback from participants. Palestinian Authority officials requested UNCTAD´s technical assistance and guidance in implementing the strategy.
Preparations are underway for implementing the proposed strategy under a "phase II" project.
The project will see the integration of strategy components into PIPA´s core functions following a three-track interactive approach to target priority sectors, with a view to:
  1. generate additional capital investments from existing enterprises; 
  2. bring local enterprises up to international standards in terms of product quality; and 
  3. ensure the widest possible spin-off benefits from foreign direct investment.

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