Training programme in international commercial diplomacy (implemented)
Ever since its establishment in 1995, the Palestinian Authority has been faced with the imperative of ensuring the compatibility of its national policies with the World Trade Organization (WTO) administered multilateral trading rules and regulations, particularly as it strove to integrate the Palestinian economy into regional and global markets.
UNCTAD was the first international organization to assist the Palestinian Authority in addressing this imperative within the context of its training programme on Trade Negotiations and Commercial Diplomacy.
The programme was extended to include the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) as a beneficiary beginning in 1998, with funding from UNCTAD, UNDP and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.
Training activities since then involved workshops, study tours and advisory services to enable Palestinian policymakers and relevant private sector institutions to participate more effectively in bilateral, regional and multilateral deliberations and negotiations in the field of trade in goods and services.
Key achievements:
  • Increased awareness among Palestinian Authority officials, the private sector, academics and the media about the multilateral trading system, and the range of policy options available to the Palestinian Authority under the multilateral trading system.
  • Palestinian Authority officials familiar with bilateral and multilateral negotiation techniques and strategies.
  • Tailor-made training materials on commercial diplomacy that can be updated for use on a wider and ongoing basis by Palestinian Authority officials and concerned others.
  • Advisory and expert services provided to the Palestinian Authority on priority issues and strategic approaches to obtaining observer status in WTO.


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