On-line Training Courses on Sovereign Debt
  • UNCTAD: Debt Sustainability Analysis: An E-Learning Training Course

    This E-learning course provides a comprehensive survey of recent approaches to sovereign debt sustainability analysis (DSA). It covers a wide range of issues relating to DSA and discusses them from both a theoretical and an empirical perspective. Moreover, the course brings together case studies and a simulation exercise.

    The E-learning course is targeted at policy makers, debt analysts, practitioners, academics, and interested students. The course consists of four stand-alone modules which will be updated regularly and can thus be used as a reference point both for policy makers and applied researchers.

  • UNITAR: Public Finance and Trade Programme

    UNITAR’s Public Finance and Trade Programme focuses on training, capacity development and networking opportunities primarily for delegates, government officials and national change agents to develop their skills and enhance their effectiveness in addressing professional and institutional challenges in the areas of public finance, trade and intellectual property.


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