UNCTAD's contribution to the Rio+20 Summit
UNCTAD was called upon early to assist in the UNCSD Rio +20 preparatory process, specifically in the analysis of the trade and development dimensions of the transition toward greener and more equitable economies.
During the last two years, UNCTAD has been actively convening several expert meetings and produced quality research in order to promote a better understanding and unveil critical policy issues on the role of trade in green economy in the context sustainable development and poverty eradication.
To continue and deepen its contribution to the UNCSD Rio+20 Summit as well as in the implementation of its outcomes, UNCTAD is organising a series of side events. The organization of these side events has been lead by the Trade, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Branch of UNCTAD jointly with key governmental, Intergovernmental, private sector and civil society partners.


Green Globe
29 June 2012Rio+20 prevented reversal, salvaged key multilateral principles, concludes UNCTAD workshop
Biofuels Side Event at Rio+20
20 June 2012No one size fits all, says bio-fuels panel at Rio+20
ICTs the foundation of our sustainable future
19 June 2012UNCTAD helps to highlight ICTs as key drivers for sustainable future at Rio+20
BioTrade Congress
18 June 2012First Global BioTrade Congress concludes on high note at Rio+20 summit
Economic Development in Africa Report 2012
13 June 20122012 Economic Development in Africa Report calls for "sustainable" economic transformation
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 Events and Meetings

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Biodiversity - The Life of the Green Economy
Biofuels Event
Launch of 3rd issue of The Road to Rio + 20: For a Development-led Green Economy
UNCTAD Rio + 20 Blog
Rio+20 Conference Website
Planet B Magazine
UNCTAD and the Green Economy Website

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