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UNCTAD Port Management Programme (PMP) Cycle 4 delivery of Modules 7 and 8
12 - 23 March 2018
Malang, Indonesia

Key Issues

​Port experts from the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), and an expert from Ireland, will co-deliver Modules 7 & 8 of Cycle 4 of the Port Management Programme (PMP) in Indonesia. 16 participants (including 2 women) from the port community of Pelindo I to IV are taking part in the Modern Port Management course. The said modules of the Modern Port Management Course, comprises topics on Administrative and Legal Management and Technical Management and Human Resources Development, respectively.

Indonesia is currently on the 4th cycle of the programme, wherein the deliveries are alternatively led by UNCTAD and international instructors (Irish port experts) as well local senior managers who have already completed the training-of-trainers workshop. Each training cycle lasts 16 to 24 months and comprises 240 hours of in-class training and a final thesis.

This strategy highlights the uniqueness and strength of the TrainForTrade Port Management Programme. Local ownership is fostered which reinforces the training's impact and ensures the programme's sustainability. Local ownership of the programme is achieved through a financing scheme that requires the participating ports to provide the majority of the programme's funds, and by gradually shifting responsibility for implementing the programme from UNCTAD to the participating ports.

Co-organized with:PELINDO III, IPC Corporate University, and Philippine Ports Authority
Sponsor / funding:Irish Aid
Mark Assaf
Human Resources Development Section/TrainForTrade
T. +41 22 917 5481

Debbie Francisco
Human Resources Development Section/TrainForTrade
T. +41 22 917 5796
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