unctad.org | Deputy Secretary-General Ms. Isabelle Durant delivers a keynote speech at Consumers International Summit 2019 in Lisbon
Deputy Secretary-General Ms. Isabelle Durant delivers a keynote speech at Consumers International Summit 2019 in Lisbon
29 April - 02 May 2019
Estoril Congress Center
Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

Key Issues

​Deputy Secretary-General Ms. Isabelle Durant will be the special guest at the Member Connection Day on 2 May 2019 and will deliver a keynote speech on “The revision of the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection and key challenges in consumer protection,” thus addressing the world of consumer associations for the first time. Ms. Durant will also speak at the main session on “Key challenges in consumer protection.”

UNCTAD will also moderate the plenary session on “Access at any cost”, and the breakout session on “Financial services – empowering consumers with research, literacy and better services.”
The Summit’s theme: The Digital Hive will harness the power of collective intelligence, fostering understanding between those who create digital products and services, and those who use and regulate them. The Summit will look to answer the question: What could the future look like if we put consumers at the heart of digital innovation? For the first time ever, this event will convene a uniquely broad group of contributors, with consumer organisations from around the globe working together with representatives from business, civil society and governments, providing a holistic view of the digital world, its possibilities and pitfalls.

The Summit will adress important issues affecting consumers today, for example, what fairness and accessibility look like in an increasingly AI driven world, how can we support and empower children in the age of ubiquitous technology, and how can consumers with mobile-only internet access enjoy the benefits of connection without the compromise.
The Consumers International Summit 2019 is the first to take place since the United Nations General Assembly revised the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection (Resolution 70/186 of 22 December 2015). In that resolution UNCTAD was entrusted to serve as focal point on consumer protection issues within the United Nations system. UNCTAD has partnered with Consumers International, the world’s federation of consumer groups, to assist countries in achieving or maintaining adequate protection for their population as consumers.
Co-organized with:Consumers International
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