unctad.org | Second National Stakeholder Workshop: Discussion and validation of an Oceans Economy and Trade Strategy for Barbados. Toward a sustainable tuna value chain
Second National Stakeholder Workshop: Discussion and validation of an Oceans Economy and Trade Strategy for Barbados. Toward a sustainable tuna value chain
03 - 04 March 2020
Bridgetown, Barbados

Key Issues

​A key milestone of UNCTAD-DOALOS project “Evidence-based and policy coherent oceans economy and trade strategies” (OETS project) and the FAO’s regional cooperation is the presentation, discussion and validation of a proposed Oceans Economy and Trade Strategy for Barbados.

At the Second National Stakeholders Workshop, the National Focal Point, UNCTAD, DOALOS and FAO consultant will present a draft OETS strategy and a plan of action for a sustainable tuna value chain. One novelty of the draft strategy in the case of Barbados is that it merges the UNCTAD-DOALOS OETS sectoral and value chain approaches with the FAO’s tested “Fisheries Performance Indicators” methodology.

The objective of the strategy will be to enable the integration, and strengthening, of the different links and stages of the selected value chains at the national level with a view to reaching internal, regional and international markets. The contents of the draft strategy and plan of action were developed based on inputs obtained during the First National Stakeholder Workshop, in 2018. The draft action plan will contain a set of strategic actions for implementation, a list of relevant actors and partners, the timeframe for implementation, an estimation of the resources needed, as well as potential benefits to be derived from its implementation.

The overall proposed goal of the OETS strategy and derived plan of action in Barbados will be to promote the sustainable management and competitiveness of the tuna value chain, while adding value to exports, improving the quality of life of people engaged in fishing, and ensuring the sustainability of the resource in the long term, through reinforced ocean governance.

After the discussion, review and validation of the OETS report and plan of action, UNCTAD and DOALOS will seek to support Barbados in the implementation of one or two selected priority actions within their areas of competence. Lessons learned in Barbados and in the other beneficiary countries (Belize and Costa Rica), will be presented in a regional event in 2020, currently anticipated to take place immediately before the UNCTAD 15 Conference, to be held in Barbados 18–23 October 2020.



Co-organized with:UNCTAD/DOALOS in cooperation with the FAO and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Blue Economy, Barbados
Mr. David Vivas Eugui David.Vivaseugui@un.org
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