ASEAN Investment Report Series

Under a technical cooperation arrangement, UNCTAD-DIAE has provided assistance to ASEAN since 2012 for the preparation of the annual report.

The ASEAN Investment Report (AIR) series provides stakeholders with up-to-date analyses on the investment environment, development and multinational enterprise's activities against the backdrop of ASEAN's regional integration and the imminent ASEAN Economic Community.

The annual report covers analyses of different industries, the investment environment and examines how regional integration influences investment patterns and developments in the region. The Report also looks at how MNEs contribute towards regional integration, corporate and countries' connectivity in a rapidly integrating region.

The AIR also provides analytical inputs for discussion by ASEAN Committees on investment and related issues. Reports are distributed at a number of ASEAN official and private sector meetings, including dissemination through the ASEAN Secretariat's websites. The preparation of the Reports involves substantive analytical work by a team based in UNCTAD-DIAE as well as at the ASEAN Secretariat.




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