Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment of Least Developed Countries (eT Ready)

E-commerce is one of the key drivers of growth and innovation in the world today. It has significant potential for Micro, Small, and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs). If applied properly, e-commerce can make MSMEs more competitive and allow them to grow and thrive in what is becoming a highly competitive global market place.

UNCTAD has created a "Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment" to help countries to quickly identify barriers to further e-commerce development.

These demand-driven assessments provide a basic analysis of the current e-commerce situation in the countries concerned to identify opportunities and barriers. The resulting reports serve as a valuable input to these countries’ involvement in various discussions related to e-commerce and digital trade.



Zambia Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (UNCTAD/DTL/STICT/2018/10)
Nepal Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (UNCTAD/DTL/STICT/2017/11)
Samoa Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (UNCTAD/DTL/STICT/2017/10)

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