Investment Promotion Agency Observer

The Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) Observer series is prepared by the Investment Promotion Section of UNCTAD. Its objective is to show examples of strategic and operational best practice in investment promotion from agencies worldwide to practitioners and governments in developing countries, with a view to share lessons that are practical and replicable for their investment promotion agencies (IPAs).

The sixth issue of The IPA Observer looks at investment facilitation and how investment promotion agencies (IPAs) in different countries have adopted and developed various tools and programmes to better serve investors. 

UNCTAD’s Global Action Menu for Investment Facilitation, launched in 2016, emphasizes the importance of investment facilitation for promoting and retaining investment and for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The newly released IPA Observer provides examples of how IPAs offer such investor services, which have led to improved transparency, predictability and efficiency, reduced risks and new business opportunities.

Case studies from Germany, Jamaica and Kenya include the implementation of UNCTAD’s eRegulations programme, the preparation and packaging of potential investment projects and support in the creation of technology partnerships.

The note ends with several takeaways for IPAs:
  • Investment promotion and facilitation go hand in hand
  • Investment in the SDGs requires enhanced facilitation
  • Partnerships in investment facilitation dramatically improve a location’s offer.



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