Trade in Services Bulletin

The Trade in Services Bulletin monitors the recent trends in global trade in services. Each quarter, it highlights the main regional trends, as well as the developments with the world’s top traders. Once a year, the Annual Bulletin provides a brief, yet manifold synthesis of the evolution of international trade by principal services and presents selected information on trading partner economies.

Services are defined, in accordance with the IMF Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual, Sixth Edition (BPM6), as "the result of a production activity that changes the conditions of the consuming units or facilitates the exchange of products or financial assets. Services are not generally separate items over which ownership rights can be established and cannot generally be separated from their production".

Trade in Services Quarterly Bulletin 

The underlying annual and quarterly data are downloadable from UNCTADstat. They are the result of the common work by UNCTAD, WTO, and ITC. The quarterly dataset provides breakdowns of services exports and imports, from some 150 economies, by four main categories: goods-related services, transport, travel and other services. The annual dataset covers over 200 individual economies and 154 groups of economies. The statistics are available for total services and 77 detailed service items. Breakdowns by partner economy are also included whenever data are available.




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