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28 May 2020Commodity exports to China could fall by $33.1 billion in 2020, study finds
03 October 2019From fibre to fabric: Celebrating the value of cotton
01 October 2019Unlocking the hidden value of cotton by-products in African least developed countries
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11 September 2019Countries dependent on commodities should diversify economies to survive climate crisis, says UN report
20 May 2019We must help developing countries escape commodity dependence
16 May 2019Countries dependent on commodities hit 20-year high
16 April 2019Commodity-dependent countries urged to diversify exports
11 March 2019India shows cotton 'waste' can provide clean energy and income
17 October 2018Ethiopia, Burundi can do more to gain from coffee niche markets
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16 October 2018Boom to challenge lithium-rich developing countries
24 May 2018Hydraulic fracturing? - not so fast, says new review of pros and cons
25 April 2018Gum Arabic: growing demand means new opportunities for African producers
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25 April 2018Benchmarking is a powerful tool to make mining responsible
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24 April 2018Cleaner gas could bridge transition to greener energy, experts say
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23 April 2018New skills needed for old dilemmas in resource-rich poor countries
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20 April 2018Why anticipating the need for skills helps spread benefits of trade and growth — Q&A with Con Gregg of ILO
20 April 2018Skills development in the mining sector: Making more strategic use of local content
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11 April 2018Upskilling workers can cut dependence on commodity exports for more than 90 countries
21 December 2017Diversify or fail: African countries with big mining sectors welcome new UNCTAD / FAO report
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15 December 2017Copper-dependent Zambia eyes growing market for cotton by-products
Commodities and Development Report 2017
11 December 2017Commodity-dependent developing countries need to boost efforts to diversify their economies
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17 October 2017Mining industry must spread social and environmental progress to small-scale mines
13 October 2017Alarm bells as more developing countries become commodity-dependent
12 October 2017Green energy could help developing countries diversify their economies
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14 September 2017Ghana's Vice-President: vital to diversify out of commodities
31 July 2017Iron ore industry makes comeback in 2016, says UNCTAD report
23 December 2016'Significant discrepancies remain in commodity trading data' -- Q&A with Janvier Nkurunziza, Chief of UNCTAD's Commodity Research and Analysis Section
IGF on Mining
01 November 2016More policy attention needed on artisanal mining
IGF on Mining
25 October 2016Miners seek win-win solutions for sustainable development
02 August 2016UNCTAD welcomes discussion, transparency on commodities and misinvoicing
17 July 2016Q&A with Leonce Ndikumana
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16 July 2016Some countries losing up to 67% of commodity exports to misinvoicing
15 July 2016UNCTAD Secretary-General opens Global Commodities and Civil Society Forums
21 April 2016Cocoa industry reform needed to stop farmers from being left behind
01 March 2016Database on Iron Ore Statistics Launched
17 February 2016Demand for iron ore levelled off in 2015, reflecting weak growth in world steel production
12 February 2016Strengthening the capacity of the Economic Community for Central African States to enhance development linkages from the extractive sector
17th African OILGASMINE Conference and Exhibition
24 November 2015Africa's oil, gas and mining sectors must create more direct and indirect jobs to drive prosperity
23 November 2015UNCTAD conference will focus on sustainable job creation in Africa's extractive industries
18 November 2015Making mining work more for the local community and the sustainability of the planet
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02 November 2015Needs of communities near mines in poor countries must prevail in the mining lifecycle, says Global Policy Forum
TDb 62nd session
05 October 2015Policy, not technical challenges, is the real hurdle for smallholder farmers, says Civil Society
GCF 2015
27 April 2015After the Supercycle: New Development Challenges for Commodity Exporters
Global Commodities Forum
17 April 2015Debate heats up over reform of the Swiss commodity trading sector at UNCTAD forum
08 April 2015UNCTAD Commodities Week
25 March 2015Progress in the implementation of the Pan African Cotton Road Map
15 October 2014Investment-for-development in Africa's booming oil and gas services sector takes centre stage at UNCTAD Forum
09 April 2014Commodities sector should be an engine of growth, rather than a poverty trap, UNCTAD secretary-general tells forum
01 April 2014Call for transparency in commodities trading to be made at UNCTAD Forum
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