Global Commodities Forum

The Global Commodities Forum -- organized by UNCTAD with the support of its partners -- is a major multi-stakeholder meeting to discuss and find pragmatic solutions to perennial problems of the commodity economy.

The Forum brings together ministers and other high-level representatives of governments, corporate executives of banking and finance institutions, leading academics and experts, and non-governmental organizations.



Start DateTitleLocationCountry
23-24 Apr 2018Global Commodities Forum 2018 GenevaSwitzerland
15-16 Jul 2016Global Commodities Forum 2016NairobiKenya
13-14 Apr 2015Global Commodities Forum 2015GenevaSwitzerland
07-08 Apr 2014Global Commodities Forum 2014Switzerland
18-19 Mar 2013Global Commodities Forum 2013GenevaSwitzerland
23-24 Jan 2012Global Commodities Forum 2012Geneva
31 Jan-01 Feb 2011Global Commodities Forum 2011Geneva
22-23 Mar 2010Global Commodities Forum (GCF)Geneva

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