Mandate of the Special Unit on Commodities
Sub-theme 1: Enhancing economic environment for inclusive and sustainable development

In accordance with paragraph 18, UNCTAD should:


(e)   Devise approaches to stimulating economic diversification and promoting value added production, including through investment, with a view to providing equal economic opportunity for all, particularly aiming at women and youths;

(f)   Continue to support commodity-dependent developing countries, particularly in Africa and LDCs, through policy reviews, dialogues and technical assistance in maximizing development benefits from commodity production and trade, including promotion of diversification and integration of natural resources policies into their national development strategies.


Sub-theme 2: Strengthening cooperation and partnerships: North-South, South-South, Triangular

In accordance with paragraph 18, UNCTAD should:


(l)   Undertake research and analysis on public-private partnerships in the development context, with the aim of mapping out best practices as well as evaluating models of public-private partnerships that can help to establish linkages between local producers in developing countries into global supply chains;

(m)   Assist the LDCs in assessing progress towards resource mobilization, economic diversification and competitiveness in support of their national development strategies.


Sub-theme 3: Addressing persistent and emerging development challenges as related to their implications for trade and development and interrelated issues in the areas of finance, technology, investment and sustainable development

In accordance with paragraph 18, UNCTAD should:


(d)   Support, through its research and policy dialogue, efforts to improve access to finance for and delivery of financial services to SMEs, microenterprises and individuals in developing countries.

(g)   In collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, which has the lead in agricultural issues in the United Nations system:

  1. Continue its work in the area of agriculture in the context of commodities to help developing countries achieve more sustainable and strengthened agricultural production, food security and export capacity. This work should take into account the needs of small-scale farmers, and empowerment of women and youths,

  2. Continue its work on organic agriculture; and

  3. Continue work on commodities, food security and investment in agriculture, taking into account the special needs of Africa, LDCs and net food-importing developing countries, in cooperation with other relevant organizations.


Sub-theme 4: Promoting investment, trade, entrepreneurship and related development policies to foster sustained economic growth for sustainable and inclusive development

In accordance with paragraph 18, UNCTAD should:


(d)   Assist developing countries, in particular LDCs and countries with economies in transition, in designing strategies and policies for attracting and benefiting from foreign investment. These policies should contribute to their sustainable development and inclusive growth, including through their effective participation in global value chains;

(f)   Support trade capacity-building in developing countries, particularly LDCs;

(g)   Provide analytical work and technical assistance to developing countries, particularly LDCs and countries with economies in transition, in the areas of trade and economic diversification and structural transformation to enhance growth and development; including sectors related to creative economy, entrepreneurship and others that generate more value addition.


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