Statistics capacity building

UNCTAD, in cooperation with other UN agencies, development banks and international organizations, assists national statistical organizations in developing countries with the collection, compilation and dissemination of their statistics. UNCTAD also pioneers and develops new statistical concepts and methodologies in cooperation with expert stakeholders and member states. At all times, UNCTAD coordinates technical cooperation activities with donors and other organizations to avoid duplication of work and to encourage complementarity and synergies. For this purpose UNCTAD contributes to the Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS) maintained by Paris21, which provides a snapshot of statistical capacity development worldwide.

Capacity-building initiatives are carried out in various statistical domains, such as, international trade (both services and merchandise), debt, commodities, Foreign Direct Investment and compilation of Sustainable Development Goal indicators.

UNCTAD statistics capacity building 


The main statistical capacity development projects ongoing at the moment are:


UEMOA - Trade in services

The aim of this project is to improve the quality and harmonization of trade-in-services statistics (SITS) within the West African Economic and Monetary Union.

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e-Learning tools

The aim of the project is to provide online tools to assist compilers and users of statistics in their understanding of conceptual issues and adherence to international standards.

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Measuring Illicit Financial Flows

The aim of this project is to develop a conceptual and statistical framework for the measurement of Illicit Financial Flows.

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Tanzania UNDAP 2 – Inclusive Growth

The aim of this project is to enhance the capacity to monitor and report on the SDGs, with a particular focus on inclusive economic growth.

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Gender-responsive trade policies

The aim of this project is to enhance the data and statistics for more gender-responsive trade policies in Africa, the Caucasus and Central Asia” .



20 December 2019West Africa makes headway towards harmonized trade-in-services statistics
Illicit financial flows
31 October 2019UNCTAD and partners make progress on measuring illicit financial flows
02 October 2019Introducing the challenges of measuring Illicit Financial Flows to the International Statistical Community
09 September 2019Regional workshop on merchandise trade statistics


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