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13 May 2020COVID-19 triggers marked decline in global trade, new data shows
20 December 2019West Africa makes headway towards harmonized trade-in-services statistics
Handbook of Statistics
10 December 2019Nowcast shows international trade and global economy cooling down
Illicit financial flows
31 October 2019UNCTAD and partners make progress on measuring illicit financial flows
02 October 2019Introducing the challenges of measuring Illicit Financial Flows to the International Statistical Community
09 September 2019Harnessing the Data Revolution
09 September 2019Regional workshop on merchandise trade statistics
06 September 2019Preparing for a career as an Official Statistician
27 June 2019UNCTAD launches new statistical quality assurance tool
SDG Pulse
25 June 2019UNCTAD takes the pulse of global goals
09 April 2019West Africa moves to harmonize trade-in-services statistics
11 March 2019Trade in electronic components drives growth in technology goods
31 January 2019Three cool new statistics tools from UNCTAD
United Nations
07 January 2019Statisticians try to measure illicit financial flows
18 December 2018Gendered stats ensure everyone counts
06 December 20182030 Agenda: ‘An Unprecedented Statistical Challenge’
05 December 2018Growth of global goods exports to reach 10.4% in 2018
22 November 2018Global south cooperates to curb illicit financial flows
02 November 2018Measuring travel services in West Africa focus of Madrid meeting
Goal 5
31 October 2018Women-supporting trade policies need better data, experts say
21 September 2018Human Rights Council side event - Geneva, 18 September 2018
30 August 2018Engaging Civic Statistics: A Call for Action
06 July 2018Second Expert Consultation on Measuring Illicit Financial Flows for SDG Indicator 16.4.1
04 July 2018UNCTAD discussants at the launch of the UNIDO Industrial Development Report 2018
21 June 2018Helping the African Union to create a competitive African Services Sector (Nairobi, Kenya 18-22 June 2018)
25 May 2018Joint UNCTAD - UNSD - ACS Regional Workshop on International Trade Statistics
23 April 2018UNCTAD takes big step in modernizing statistics
16 April 2018The Handbook of Statistics is now available online
26 March 2018Monitoring the implementation of the SDGs: The role of big data
23 March 2018Digital economy data gap risks widening inequalities, UNCTAD says
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