About UNCTAD's work on Technical Cooperation

As the focal point within the United Nations system for the integrated treatment of trade and development and interrelated issues in the areas of finance, technology, investment, and sustainable development, UNCTAD addresses these issues in a mutually complementary fashion, including through its technical cooperation activities.

UNCTAD technical cooperation is carried out in partnership with other agencies that provide trade-related technical assistance, in consonance with their respective mandates, expertise, and areas of comparative advantage. In delivery of its technical cooperation services, UNCTAD coordinates its activities with its partners, and in particular, members of the United Nations Inter-Agency Cluster on Trade and Productive Capacity.

The United Nations Inter-Agency Cluster on Trade and Productive Capacity was established in 2007 initially as an instrument and platform for contributing to the United Nations system-wide coherence.1 Since then, it has been converted into a major mechanism for coordination of technical cooperation services provided, under the leadership of UNCTAD , by its members to developing countries ensuring complementarities, synergies, and sequencing activities.

The thrust of UNCTAD technical cooperation is human and institutional capacity development in the following main areas of its work, namely:

  • Trade policies, trade negotiations and integration of developing countries in the multilateral trading system
  • Investment policies and investment promotion and enterprise development
  • Trade support services, logistics and trade facilitation
  • Special programmes and cross-sectoral issues including Debt Management and Financial Analysis; cross-divisional training programmes.
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