Inter-agency Cooperation Mechanisms

un-ceb_Inter-agency-cooperation_400x402.jpgContribution to the United Nations System-wide Coherence

  • Contribution to the Aid for Trade initiative with complementary assistance provided by the members of the Clusters.

  • Cooperation within the Cluster on the design and formulation of common policy analysis and recommendations developed in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

  • Cooperation and coordination within the Cluster at the UN System level including, when appropriate, within the United Nations Development Group machinery for the setting-up of new UN rules standard mechanisms on the Delivering as One (DaO).

    The Cluster' operations are designed to propose optimized interface with other inter-agency mechanisms. For instance, in the case of Least Developed Countries, the joint programmes developed by the Cluster are proposed in conformity with the Enhanced Integrated Framework' diagnostic trade integration studies.

  • Cooperation and coordination within the Cluster for a better inclusion of the Non Resident Agencies (NRAs) in the DaO process. A better inclusion of the NRAs in the DaO is contributing to the increase of quality of the Joint-Programmes at the country level as those inter-agency operations benefit from a wide range of expertise existing within the UN System, notably on policy issues.

  • Coordination of trade capacity building resources to increase the transparency and efficiency of trade-related technical assistance (see UNIDO's Trade Capacity Building Resource Guide for more information)


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