E-Business Facilitation: Boosting small business and data collection

This is part of a series to explain the impact of UNCTAD's work on small business and how youth can benefit and get involved.

Setting up an enterprise is often considered a challenge because of lengthy administrative procedures, long delays and heavy costs.

This is especially difficult for young people who can often get discouraged.

UNCTAD has a Programme that helps developing countries put in place an enabling environment for enterprise creation by tackling these obstacles.


Through our E-regulation and E-registration System, we support governments to:

  • Reduce up to 50% of the steps in administrative procedures

  • Simplify administrative procedures, cutting down the time needed to create an enterprise

  • Contribute to efficiency and transparency by having regulations and step-by-step procedures posted online


The UNCTAD E-regulation and E-registration System has been implemented in more than 25 countries worldwide and over 60 countries received support in the past ten years.

For example, in El Salvador the process to register an enterprise has been reduced from 16 to 3 steps, 10 forms from different administrative institutions were merged into one single form and the duration of the entire process dropped from eight days to a maximum of three days.

In the United Republic of Tanzania, an enterprise can now be created with one form and two steps online and this within 10 working days.  Prior to the implementation of the system, businesses had to go through 20 steps and complete 9 forms within a 30 day period.

Youth benefit from this Programme as it allows them to more easily set up a business with fewer resources, time and costs.

Young entrepreneurs can access the Global Enterprise Registration Portal where more information and links can be found to official business registration websites and assessments on their user-friendliness.

Enterprise creation should not be an obstacle to youth entrepreneurship anymore.


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