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Youth Network  
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      UNCTAD Youth Forum participants


In July 2016, UNCTAD held its first-ever Youth Forum as part of the UNCTAD14 Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. More than 250 youth from over 70 countries came together to prepare a Youth Declaration and to participate as speakers in UNCTAD14 side events.

Under the theme "Shaping the World We Want", the forum served as a discussion platform to hear the views and ideas of youth on education, more and better jobs, and government accountability, which are topics of great concern to the Millennials' generation. In order to increase the voice of young people, youth from around the world were able to debate on social media and be part of an online discussion before the start of the forum, contributing with their ideas and comments to the forum.

Thanks to the passion and energy the youth displayed at UNCTAD14, over 6000 participants including world leaders, policy makers and other international representatives welcomed the Youth Declaration that has become an official UNCTAD document.

After this success, we realized how interested young people were in being involved and debating on trade and development topics. So, we created a platform that offers such a possibility. The UNCTAD Youth Network evolves from the conversation that took place in Nairobi and continues to facilitating youth worldwide exchanging views and experiences, launch campaigns and prepare inputs on important subjects.

Part of this Network will involve the creation of projects, in partnership with other United Nations organizations and potential partners.


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