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Trade in fish-related aspects of SDG 14: What next?
06 June 2017
08:00 - 10:00
UNCTAD New York Office DC2-1120,11th Floor 2 United Nations Plaza (by invitation only)
New York, United States of America

Key Issues

The "Call for Action" of the UN Oceans Conference will set a new direction in the implementation and advancement of SDG 14, incorporate new voluntary commitments and allow for the development of new multistakeholder partnerships.

At this event, FAO and UNCTAD will briefly present the findings of their flagship reports, The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2016 (SOFIA), and the Trade and Environment Review 2016: Trade in fish (TER), to set the state of the art knowledge on the matter.

Tditc-ted-062017-Oceans-Side-1.jpghis high level dialogue will then seek to gather the advice of Heads of delegation and Permanent Representative in New York, on how to transfer this new guidance into fresh action and specific support to their respective Member States in the realm of trade in fish and the development of other Oceans Economic sectors. WTO will provide an update on the fisheries subsidies negotiations in Geneva. 



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Co-organized with:UNCTAD/FAO/WTO/IOI/Commonwealth Secretariat
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FAO: Marcio Castro De Souza, Marcio.CastroDeSouza@fao.org
WTO: Clarisse Morgan, clarisse.morgan@wto.org
Commonwealth: Jodie Keane j.keane@commonwealth.int
IOI: Ms. Antonella Vassallo, antonella.vassallo@ioihq.org.mt
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