The Seventh UN Review Conference will mark the 35th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Set of Multilaterally Agreed Equitable Principles and Rules for the Control of Restrictive Business Practices (UN Set).

The UN Set is a multilateral agreement on competition policy that:

  • Provides a set of equitable rules for the control of anti-competitive practices
  • Recognizes the development dimension of competition law and policy
  • Provides a framework for international operation and exchange of best practices

Every five years since the adoption of the United Nations Set, a Review Conference has been held, providing an occasion for heads of competition authorities and senior officials of developed and developing countries, including least developed countries (LDCs) and economies in transition, to establish direct contacts and networking among themselves for voluntary cooperation and the exchange of best practices.

This framework also provides vital technical assistance and capacity-building for interested member States so that they are better equipped to use competition law and policy for development.


 News and Announcements

United Nations
10 July 2015Online consumers to be better protected by new United Nations guidelines monitored by UNCTAD
United Nations
03 July 2015United Nations member States to review the "UN Set" on competition for the seventh time
United Nations
03 July 2015Global competition policies to be reviewed at major five-yearly gathering in Geneva
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01 October 2014Save the Date

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The UN Review Conference
Thirty-five years ago, the international community adopted the UN Code on Restrictive Business Practices and made the collective promise:
quoteTo ensure that restrictive business practices do not impede or negate the realization of benefits that should arise from the liberalization of tariff and non-tariff barriers affecting world trade, particularly those affecting the trade and development of developing countries.quote
Call for contributions
Member States and observers are requested to submit written contributions to the UNCTAD secretariat by Monday 25 May 2015
35th Anniversary (1980-2015)
UNCTAD's work on competition and consumer protection dates from the adoption of the United Nations Set in 1980.