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Real Market Access for LDC Services Exports - Smartening up the Tools
12 December 2017
Bolsa Cereales, Room 2
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Key Issues


The future of trade lies in services, and LDCs export many of them. But clearly not nearly enough. The 2011 Services Waiver, as much ​as various FTA negotiations involving LDCs, put a focus on market access for services and services suppliers from LDCs. This session will provide an opportunity for an early discussion in the broader context of market access for LDC services in the context of the WTO Services Waiver.


This session aims to advance the discussion on a key question not only for LDCs but also for the trading system as a whole: What needs to be done to ensure optimal market access for LDC services and service providers?

Key issues:

Services are key for LDCs, and market access matters. The “preferences” granted by 24 WTO Members in the context of the LDC Services Waiver as much as FTAs and other bilateral and regional agreements and arrangements – on market access, regulatory disciplines, regulatory convergence and cooperation, mutual recognition and other matters – and of course the GATS itself provide the current framework for LDC services exports.

Therefore, the follwing questions will be addressed:

  • To what extent do do the currently available tools​ address the issues?
  • What is it that real LDC service suppliers need to succeed, and are they getting it? Are we on target, or are we missing the point(s)?
  • What needs to be done? Which smart preferences and other tools can be devised?
  • What supporting action should be taken, how can it be facilitated?


Expected outcomes:

Increased awareness and understanding of both the conceptual context and the real-life operation of market access issues, and actual and potential market access solutions, for LDC services exports – including, specifically, in the context of the WTO’s LDC Services Waiver and its operationalization.



Hannes Schloemann 
Mr. Hannes Schloemann (Director, WTI Advisors)


Mukhisa Kituyi 
Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General, UNCTAD
Meen Bahadur Bishwakarma 
Mr. Meen Bahadur Bishwakarma, Minister of Commerce, Nepal
Margret Kaemba 
Ms. Margret Kaemba, Deputy Permanent Representative to UN, Zambia
Rithi Pich 
Mr. Rithi Pich, Ambassador to the WTO, Cambodia
Alioune Sarr, 
Mr. Alioune Sarr, Minister of Commerce, Senegal
Hadil Hijazi 
Ms. Hadil Hijazi, UNCTAD's Consultant


Bekele Bulado 
H.E. Bekele Bulado, Minister of Trade, Ethiopia
Joffre Van-Dunem Junior 
H.E. Joffre Van-Dunem Junior, Minister of Trade, Angola
Tefo Mapesela 
H.E. Tefo Mapesela, Minister of Trade and Industry, Lesotho
Sultan Chouzour 
H.E. Mr. Sultan Chouzour, Ambassador of Comoros to the United Nations and Head of Delegation to the WTO Ministerial Conference (MC11)
Bary Rafatrolaza 
H.E. Bary Emmanuel Rafatrolaza, Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of Cooperation and Development, Madagascar
Teppo Taurianinen 
Mr. Teppo Tauriainen, Director General for Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Interpretation will be provided in French and Spanish​.

*Additional registration required for this event: http://tsds.ictsd.org/register​

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